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Frequentyly Asked Questions

What is a Co-op and how is it different from a regular store?  A Co-op is a jointly owned (by its members) commercial enterprise that produces and distributes goods and services. It is different from a regular store because it is operated for the benefit of its members and reflects what it important to them. Co-ops are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

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Our Mission Statement:
"As consumer, producer and farmer members of a cooperative, we are committed to the creation of a healthy, sustainable community by providing wholesome foods, empowering artisans and fostering lifelong learning."

Why did Mohawk Harvest move to 30 N. Main Street?
After almost 2 years our store was too small. There were so many things we wanted to carry and so many services we wanted to offer our members and shoppers, but we simply could not. SO - we looked around for larger quarters. We knew we were going to stay in downtown Gloversville because we believe in the downtown and in its importance to Gloversville and the area. When the space at 30 N. Main became available, it was a no-brainer. It's a historic building, emblematic of the traditional nature of traditional Gloversville. We knew it could be turned into a wonderful full-service grocery store - and now it has been.

How much does it cost to become a member?
 There is a one-time membership fee of $150. We offer various payment options and you may choose the one that suits you best. - (Click here for Payment Options).

What are the benefits of membership? Although anyone can shop at the Co-op – being a member has benefits and privileges not enjoyed by non-members.   As a member you are: What are patronage rebates?  At the end of each year, the Co-op Board will meet to determine how much of any surplus funds in the Co-op treasury need to be retained for the Co-op and how much can be remitted to the members in the form of patronage rebates. Each member's rebate will be based on the dollar-amount of purchases made by the member during the year.

Can anyone shop at a co-op, or only members?   Anyone may shop at the Co-op and we will welcome everyone regardless of membership status. BUT only members will have a say on how Mohawk Harvest is run and only members are elibigle for special Member Discounts and patronage rebates. It was because of our members that we were able to open our doors and we need members in order to be successful. We've made it very easy to become a member and offer several Payment Options. Visit our Membership Page to learn more.

Where is the store located?Our store is located at 30 N. Main Street in Gloversville, NY. It is a great location in the center of historic Gloversville. We hope that you visit the other stores and restaurants in downtown Gloversville and admire our late 19th century architecture when you come to the Co-op. AND make sure to check out what is happening at the Glove Theater and the other downtown businesses.

How can I become a member?  You may become a member by: What kind of Corporation is Mohawk Harvest? We are incorporated in NY State as a Cooperative Corporation. Co-op profits will be put back into the Co-op and be used to pay patronage rebates to members as determined by our Board.

Is my membership fee tax-deductible? No. As a retail store, we are not eligible for tax-exempt status so your membership is not tax-deductible. But it is money that will stay in our community and benefit our local economy (as will all purchases you make at the Co-op).

Is my membership fee refundable? No, the money you pay to become a member of the Co-op (whether fully paid or not) is not refundable.

What if my question is not answered or I have more questions? We invite you to send any questions, concerns or suggestions to us via the Contact Us page of this Website. We are always interested in hearing how we can make Mohawk Harvest better.
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